Lucas Vocos


I'm a design-oriented freelance full-stack web developer working with agencies, brands, creatives, and small businesses to produce beautiful, elegant websites and web apps.

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  • 001

    Designed/developed the eCommerce site for independent eyewear company Article One

    (Shopify, Liquid, Sass)
  • 002

    Designed/Developed the website and eCommerce shop for Oakland-based DIY punk label Uncool Records

    (Shopify, Contentful, React, Lottie)
  • 003

    Developed an interactive, customizable icon set in collaboration with Hobbes called OP/AL

    (React, Express.js, PostgreSQL Database, Lottie)
  • 004

    Developed the online portfolio for NY-based agency General Idea

    (React, Contentful)
  • 005

    Developed an anti-Trump note generator that benefits the ACLU in collaboration with Jones Knowles Ritchie

  • 006

    Designed & Developed a Madlibs-style interactive portfolio for copy director & creative strategist using React & Contentful

    (React, Sass)